You’re a specialist antique banknote forger.  Your life is currency.

Your ambition is to make a million from your forgeries then quit your life of crime. Unfortunately, the police are on your tail and you find yourself moving from place to place to carry on your ‘business’.

Your task is simple, copy the watermark on each note before the police arrive. As your notoriety (and bank balance) increases, you will have less time to make each copy.

The better your copy, the more profit you’ll make; poor copies will make a loss. When your bank balance hits a million you can retire. If it falls to zero, well, you can retire in a different way!

Click or hold the left mouse button to draw - there is no 'undo'! 

Hit the 'FLEE' button before the police arrive or it'll be game over.

Tip: Don't worry about detail, copy the straight lines and rectangles first.

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